“I learned so much in Guy’s Iyengar yoga class, especially on proper alignment. Guy uses innovative exercises to help us understand our muscles & ligaments, to get to proper alignment. I love his hands-on adjustments, I really FEEL the difference after each adjustment, and slowly my body learned how to perform particular asana correctly. Guy is not only a true inspiration, but he also has a great sense of humor, making the long hold in the class easier to get through. I would highly recommend his class to beginners who want to learn the proper alignment of each asanas, and also experience practitioners to deepen their practices.” Ebe 2020

As one of your students before heading off to Australia I can say with great confidence that you are a fantastic teacher and an inspiration to your students.

What I really enjoyed about the Iyengar community in London was the interchange between student, teacher and the amount of detail in the Asana instruction and demonstration which since coming to Australia I seriously miss. I always found your teaching clear, precise and helpful.” Patrick 2020

”I joined your Tuesday and (sometimes) Friday class in August and I cannot tell you what an impact this has had in my life and I wanted to say thank you. Iyengar Yoga is amazing! Your passion for this style of yoga is very much demonstrated in the way that you teach and this is infectious in the best possible way. 

I haven’t really had a regular fitness regime for a long time and coming to your class gave me the confidence to build a routine of practicing yoga every week, which is wonderful!” – Sharon 2019 

“I love your style and going to your class is a pleasure. Also I am free from what I should be doing, what posture is better or not. When I started practicing yoga I hurt myself at home because I was trying to improve and I had to stop for a while. 

Now I am keeping in my mind that I have to be able to do headstand in the middle of the room.” – Vanja 2019

“I’m just out of Guy’s class and I feel as though I’ve practiced so thoroughly and steadily. His lighthearted and compassionate teaching enables such a good quality of practice for me that I can access the full range of my ability and become my best self without even noticing that it’s happening, until it already has.” – Jane 2018

“I look forward to Guy’s classes.  He is very humble with his teaching.  He is always encouraging.  He creates a very inclusive atmosphere in the class.  He is knowledgable about how the body works and his classes flow well.”  – Philippa 2018